The environment matters to us

As part of Lesaffre Group, Lesaffre Egypt takes accountability towards our planet and makes the day-to-day operational aim to preserve resources and limit pollution.

  • Our mission is to make our industry environmentally friendly by utilizing natural resources in an efficient, virtuous manner and facilitate the return of these materials to the environment in forms compatible with the natural digestion of the planet.
  • The by-products generated by the yeasts industry has been redesigned by Lesaffre Group and were granted value. The by-products are concentrated and adjusted in composition using developed technologies to maximize their potential. Under our environmental policy, these investments have enabled the creation of a range of agro-supply byproducts mainly designed for animal nutrition and plant fertilization.

• We treat the liquid wastes with cutting-edge purification techniques before irrigating them into the river. We depend on the latest anaerobic digestion technology to convert liquid waste into energy and to clean the water to the standards decreed by local environmental law. Water is the most precious natural resource on the planet and we are moderating the consumption of water and through the use of new technologies. We recycle the condensation generated by evaporation and use them in the cooling towers instead of pure water.

  • We use the generated bio gas from the anaerobic digester to generate steam and minimize the usage of fossil fuel. This practice reinforces our commitment to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide.
  • We closely monitor power consumption and use modern technologies in concurrence with efficient equipment to conserve the usage of energy and electric power as a part from our commitment to the environment and sharing in the efforts to reduce global warming.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety policy

Process safety

Personal health & Safety

Contractor safety

It is an endorsed commitment by management to employees regarding their health and safety.

We are focusing on merging between engineering and management skills to prevent accidents.

We are committed to provide a healthy and safe environment for our employees and nearby communities.

We invest in ongoing improvements to enhance our factory at an operational level to ensure the continued health and safety of our team.