Baking center

Created in 1974, the Baking Center concept has been defined as the center of expertise, technology and innovation of the Lesaffre Group, the world leader in the baking yeast market. As an essential partner for manufacturers, artisans and distributors, the Baking Center™ technicians and experts work closely with Lesaffre researchers to prepare for the future and always offer innovative new solutions.

The Baking Center network makes the most of its knowledge of bread-making technologies, its mastery of ingredients and improvers and careful observation of markets and eating habits.

The bakery business is moving, our target is to follow, to support, to help our partners: the bakers. It is his daily work of improvement of the quality of our products and our services that allowed us to become the world number 1.

For 160 years, the Lesaffre group has been the specialist, referent of the yeast and the bread-making. It is from the perspective of continuous improvement that Lesaffre Egypt opened our own Baking Center to accompany our customers in their ambitions for today and tomorrow.

As bonafide Think Tanks, these technical support systems are equipped for demonstration and training purposes making them the perfect places to meet, share know-how and experience with other professionals. Technical assistance, product and process development, tailored training are just some of the services specially designed to best meet customers’ needs.

as a part of technical support, we are also providing training for bakeries technical teams and technical sales force as well.

Additionally, we can support our local customer via our regional baking center in Istanbul, our corporate baking center in Lillie, and our international network of expertise. In that respect we can support with :

  • Arabic/Pita bread trials
  • Frozen Dough trials
  • Bread Ingredients (Blends and Mixes): training and formulation requests
  • Sensory Analysis
  • Support on “Industrial Approach” and scaling up
  • Complete flour analysis ( Alveo, FN, Ascorbic acid content, Protein, Ash, humidity, dry and wed gluten, gluten index…)
  • Studying about the softness of the final products (buns, sandwiches, toast)
  • Sour dough metabolism and its application
  • Different recipes development  requests
  • Gluten free product recipes (for that we need samples from France)