One of Lesaffre’s major strategic objectives is to expand our international success in the life science industry. Since Lesaffre was founded, we have been working to capitalize on our teams’ entrepreneurial spirit, innovative mind, and professional expertise. Our Human Resource strategy preserves this decisive competitive advantage by fostering excellence in the people who are our driving force.

The Group’s values

Quality relationships are one of the cornerstones of our group’s history, culture and growth. We maintain this strength through individual, collective, and collaborative discussions. These exchanges drive progress and actively contribute to our continuous improvement process.

Accordingly, entrepreneurship is one of the key themes of our HR agenda. We strive to promote our teams’ sense of initiative and to recognize the talent of each man and woman who leads those teams. Our inclusive management style allows each and every member of our organization to express themselves and become an active participant in their own personal and professional development. Our employees flourish in a friendly, stimulating environment that boosts our collective performance.


Giving Lesaffre’s employees the tools and resources they will need in the long run to perform their duties with passion, rigor and efficiency is our HR teams’ priority. Due to their active involvement, these teams facilitate our group’s founding principles, both at a strategic and at an operational level.

Why Lesaffre?

Pragmatism, simplicity, proximity, humility and cooperation. These founding principles underlie our corporate culture and our international growth policy.

At Lesaffre, our primary driving force is our staff. With a view to build and preserve our shared success, our hiring process favors passionate, committed, entrepreneurial profiles. We place as much importance on our candidates’ personalities and potential as on their degrees and work experience. Whether you are a recent graduate or an experienced professional, your prospects for advancement within our organization will be vast.

If you are a committed person, have an innovative spirit, are passionate about your profession, and you want to be part of our family, please fill in the following form: